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Horton Wine Reviews

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Nebbiolo review

"Blind tasting always reveals some pleasant surprises, like when you get a wine that presents as though it were spot-on Barbaresco, but turns out to be from Virginia’s Orange County. Horton is making a lot of noise on the competition circuit already this year thanks to carefully crafted wines like this one, which shows blueberry, tar, bay leaf and earth tones, all woven together artfully, with the puckering tannic structure you expect from Italian versions of Nebbiolo. Give this a long decanting or a long cellar rest. And good luck finding Piemonte Nebbiolo at this kind of price."

- Rich Cook, Wine Review Online
Vidal Blanc review
Vidal Blanc

"Dry style Vidal can be a real treat, as it is in this case. You may want a case after tasting the crisp Sorrento lemon expression that shows hints of pear and apple, finishing clean with lingering citrus flavor. Pair with freshwater fish, or trout more specifically. Contains 5% early-picked Viognier."

- Rich Cook, Wine Review Online
Rkatsitelli review

"This is primarily an East Coast grape variety popular in both New York and Virginia. Horton's expression of Rkatsiteli is brilliant. It delivers a stony minerality that is invigorating, but at the same time shows succulent aromas of nectarine and meyer lemon. This beautifully balanced wine exhibits crisp acidity that lifts the fruit and provides freshness and a clean finish."

- Robert Whitley, Wine Review Online
Rkatsitelli review

"This variety (originally from the present-day Republic of Georgia) has a lot going for it, including plenty of vowels, though it must be said that they could be better placed within the word to make things easier for English speakers. But I digress. With expressive aromas recalling orange blossoms followed by fruit flavors recalling stone fruits and mandarin, this shows some opulence but finishes nearly dry. A lovely sipping wine, this would also work very nicely with lightly spicy foods."

- Michael Franz, Wine Review Online
2017 Albarino Private Reserve review
2017 Albarino Private Reserve

"The 2017 Albariño Private Reserve (which also has 5% miscellaneous other whites) is dry, unoaked and comes in with 13% alcohol. This won't be officially released until January 2019, but it can be had online if you want it now. You might want to do that—weather conditions mean that there may be none of the 2018, so stock up. It was in bottle for 90 days when seen. This may improve, but you don't have to wait on this; it is gorgeous now and will drink well young too. Reasonably concentrated, it has a fruity but dry finish, tasting great but always seeming serious. This may be the best I've seen yet from Horton. To be sure, it has to age, at least for several years, to justify my current enthusiasm. In fact, it should continue developing, becoming a bit more expressive even though it is very nice now. It opened nicely with air and warmth to the point where it was pretty delicious. I'm leaning up just now. We'll see what the future brings."

- Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate
Knots and Shuttles review
Knots and Shuttles

"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition (or a sparkling Tannat)! Knotts and Shuttles is an extraordinary leap of imagination, a sparkling Tannat that is rich and powerful, but at the same time, truly elegant. (Think linebacker in a tutu). Who knew that Tannat had a secret quality of finesse, perfume and elegance? Horton has shared with the world its secret. "

- Randall Grahm