Welcome to Horton Vineyards in Gordonsville, Virginia!

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Reviews & Testimonials

Denise B
Picture of Denise B
5 Start Rating

"Mardi Gras party at Hortons was amazing. Good wine good food great atmosphere. Had a great time."

Jennifer R
Picture of Jennifer R
5 Start Rating

"This vineyard had grown since the last time we stopped by, nearly five years ago. We had a pleasant time trying a selection of Horton's 40(ish) wines. A wine tasting includes choosing 10 out of their lineup. We arrived in mid-afternoon and were the only ones there for a while. Just as we were leaving two smaller groups headed in. Horton's wines are solid. There is something to try for nearly any taste."

Richard T
Picture of Richard T
5 Start Rating

"A very nice place with a huge variety of wines. While we like several of there reds. Their fruit wines are what bring us all the way here. We walked out with over a case."

Randi M
Picture of Randi M
5 Start Rating

"Rachel was amazing. Best tasting Iíve been to around this area. Make sure to stop here for a tasting. You get so much wine to taste for a great price and there are so many varieties. Nicest people Iíve had and would go again!"

Justin B
Picture of Justin B
5 Start Rating

"Excellent wine selection, the staff was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions! Prices were very reasonable. Highly recommend stopping by!"

Loretta T
Picture of Loretta T
5 Start Rating

"This is an awesome place, good wine, good food, love it."

Mary T
Picture of Mary T
5 Start Rating

"First time tasting the sweet concord wine not to sweet just perfect I recommend it"

Megan C
Picture of Megan C
5 Start Rating

"he woman who ran our tasting was fantastic, but I didn't catch her name! She did an excellent job of working through our tastes to find wines we enjoyed! Will definitely be back to try more!"

Kritter M
Picture of Kritter M
5 Start Rating

"Great serviceÖ Teresa is great!"

Terre N
Picture of Terre N
5 Start Rating

"I did a wine tasting with Amy. She was great...very professional, very knowledgeable. The wine was good; we took home 4 bottles. And since it wasn't too busy, Amy gave us a tour. It was the best tasting we did in Virginia."

Deborah S
Picture of Deborah S
5 Start Rating

"Fabulous winery, lots of different wines for everyone. Friendly knowledgeable staff, unique gift items as well. We will difinately revisit when passing through VA."

Mariann M
Picture of Mariann M
5 Start Rating

"I am in love with their wine! The inside of the building is not as pretty as the outside so I recommend bringing a picnic basket and enjoy the views from their outdoor picnic tables. Dog friendly!"

Dana B
Picture of Dana B
5 Start Rating

"One of my favorite vinyards. Love their hospitality and their choices of wine."

Laura O
Picture of Laura O
5 Start Rating

"Beautiful place, best wine!"

Greg M
Picture of Greg M
5 Start Rating

"If you like wine, this is the place for you. Wonderful staff and terrific wine! Awesome whites and red alike!"

Becky S
Picture of Becky S
5 Start Rating

"The tasting gave you a chance to try any wine they had. A wide range of wines from dry to sweet."

Matt H
Picture of Matt H
5 Start Rating

"Nice place to wine before you dine."

Sergiu M
Picture of Sergiu M
5 Start Rating

"Lots of amazing wines to try here. We got a Late Harvest Rkatsiteli, which is made of grapes grown in Virginia but the plants are imported from Georgia (the country) - that's quite cool since that's where the oldest wines in the world were discovered."

Josef B
Picture of Josef B
5 Start Rating

"As soon as you drive up to the place it has the old world charm. Unless you are unfamiliar with the grapes grown in Virginia, give them a grape that you are fond of and they will let you know what will fit your palate. Personally I enjoy Cabernet Franc and this is the climate for this grape. I would recommend this out of the way venue to everyone who enjoys grapes with a bit of history as does the commonwealth of Virginia."

Reeanne S
Picture of Reeanne S
5 Start Rating

"If you like sweet or fruity wine this is a great spot!"

Todd E
Picture of Todd E
5 Start Rating

"Great selection of wine and price is very good too."

Chops M
Picture of Chops M
5 Start Rating

"Absolutely beautiful vineyard! Bob in the tasting room really knows his stuff and their selection of wines is top notch. Wine tasting is inexpensive and expect to walk away with a few bottles. 5/5."

Eleanor B
Picture of Eleanor B
5 Start Rating

"I was here earlier this month for one of their special events. Lots of people, so successful. First visit, they did a great job on the event. Good parking, spectacular grounds. The wines, the best part, really smooth."

Gayle D
Picture of Gayle D
5 Start Rating

"My husband and I have done two tasting at the winery and attended numerous wine festivals and we are always looking for Horton. Twice a year we do a road trip to the winery to replenish our stock. The best wine, by far, is the Sweet Concord and we never leave the winery or any festivals without at least a case. We are also big fans of the Mango and the Niagara and we also get a least a case of each of those. I really wish they would bring back the Acai as it was right up there with the Sweet Concord. Love, love, love Horton!"

Maria J
Picture of Maria J
5 Start Rating

"I went years ago and tasted the cranberry wine. It was incredible but there were no more bottles to purchase. I just found the cranberry wine at my local Kroger and I was ecstatic! I brought some to enjoy with friends and they also loved it. Getting more for Christmas presents :-)"

Mark Squires
Picture of Mark Squires
5 Start Rating

"Mark Squires for Robert Parker reviewed Suil and the results are note worthy.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate Virginia Wine Monticello Wine Trail #hortonvineyards

#sparklingviognier #CSWWC The Rhone Rangers #sparklinwine



"This is very well done, edgy and sharp on the finish. It emphasizes freshness and steel more than toast. Showing good concentration and a refreshing demeanor, this crisp Viognier is focused and precise. It probably wasn't on the lees long enough to be very complex, but it's not simple either. It was more interesting and still very vibrant the next day. This is a cut above." - Mark Squire February 28, 2020."

Susan T
Picture of Susan T
5 Start Rating

"Amy was so great. Laughed, tasted wine, and left with 20 bottles of wine. So much fun."

Phil P
Picture of Phil P
5 Start Rating

"Pig roast and wine, Great times and memories. First Saturday after the 4th. Come join use next year."

Mei-Ling C
Picture of Mei-Ling C
5 Start Rating

"Beautiful place filled with beautiful people and great wine."

Sharon M
Picture of Sharon M
5 Start Rating

"First time going to a vineyard. Tasted 10 wines and our bartender was very informative and my experience was well worth it."

Beau F
Picture of Beau F
5 Start Rating

"We loved our experience here! We showed up 10 minutes before closing, because we are from out of town and really wanted to visit the vineyards, but the staff cannot have been more welcoming! The wines were very good, and the setting was absolutely picturesque. We were able to taste 10 of the wines, each, and we even went home with a bottle of a delicious red. They also have amazing chocolate! Make sure you try them! They had a food truck out front that would have been perfect if it wasn't closing time!"

Travis P
Picture of Travis P
5 Start Rating

"Greatly enjoyed our tasting experience. If you enjoy sweet wines, has a very good selection. Staff was very attentive and knowledgeable. Very friendly."

Tyler A
Picture of Tyler A
5 Start Rating

"Absolutely incredible selection of wines. Awesome staff. Our favorite winery by far."

Karen Y
Picture of Karen Y
5 Start Rating

"Oh my gosh I had the best time!!! The people are super friendly & down to earth. They answer any & all questions you may have. The event my husband & I went to was the Chocolate & Wine Tasting. It was FABULOUS!! The wines were matched with specially made chocolates. This event is held every February. This was their 3rd year having it. We did more wine tasting downstairs. You get to choose 10 different wines for $6.50 per person! They are very knowledgeable about their wines & such pleasant people. Can't wait to do it next year!"

Jen F
Picture of Jen F
5 Start Rating

"My favorite wine in the country! Wonderful service and very knowledge yet down to earth staff."

Mike H
Picture of Mike H
5 Start Rating

"Always an enjoyable time!"